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Written By kkaba on Monday, 21 January 2013 | 17:28

Resorting to various Deceptions due to Ange rand Extreme Greed
Tnose in the grip of Anger and Extreme Greed will stoop to any low activity. Deception, Fraud and even Murder are not beyond such persons. These traits of Anger and Greed invariably lead them to Grief. Therefore, those Evils are a source of one’s Downfall.
Behaving without Shame and Fear
Shame and Fear are essential to ensure Social stability. When people have no regard whatsoever for Shame and Fear, Society deteriorates. Social disruption takes place. Individuals who behave without Fear or Shame demean themselves. Therefore, behaveing with no regard for Fear and Shame is a source of Downfall. 
Not giving any Alms at all to priests, Monks and Ascetics who come to one’s door when one is taking Meals
It is a Noble Human quality to treats Priests, Ascetics and Brahmins who come to one’s door in their Almsround. If an individual neglects this duty, especially towards those Men of Religion who come to his door when he is taking his meals, it is a cause of Downfall.
Deceiving the Clergy by them lies
Some people deceive Priests and Brahmins be giving false promises. They lie to them, and cheat those Religious persons. Adopting such an attitude to priests, Ascetics and Brahmins, is a source of Downfall.

When an aged person marries a young Woman, both are unhappy. The young Woman does not derive much pleasure out of the Marriage. The aged person spends sleepless nights worrying if young Wife will think of a young Man. This situation is a source of Downfall.
Squandering away the Wealth and Property inherited from Ancestors
Some inherit Wealth from their Ancestors. Those Ancestors accumulated the Wealth, with great care and effort. But, the persons who inherit the Wealth effortlessly waste it away in vain pursuits. Such behaviour is a source of Downfall.

Desire for Gambling and delighting in winning Money through Gambling
Gambling destroys those addicted to it. In the desire to Win through Gambling, they pursue elusive Wealth. But, they only squander away their own possessions, destroying the Happiness and Harmony of their Families. Gambling therefore is a source of Downfall.
Desire for intoxicating Drinks
Those who are addicted to Liquor are shunned by Society.
These unfortunate people who have taken to excessive Drinking,
neglect their Families. They waste all their Wealth on intoxicating Drinks.
Desire for intoxicating Drinks is a cause of Downfall.
Exteme fondness for Women
There are some who display an extreme fondness for Women. This leads to loss of Wealth and to Worry. In consequence their Life becomes unsettled and blighted. Therefore such extreme attachment to various Women is a cause of downfall.
Disregarding one’s poor Relations, intoxicated with Wealth
Some, proud of their riches, disregard their poor Relations. To such people, intoxicated with the Wealth they possess, their poor Relatives are eyesore. This kind of neglect of one’s poor relations is a source of Downfall.
Partaking of tasty food, while others look on, without sharing it with them.
People of Means enjoy delicious Food and Drink. Although they can share these things with others they do not do so, but relish those all alone, even while others look on. This is a cause of Downfall.
Obtaining Money fraudulently, deceiving others.
Some earn a livelihood by Cheating and Deceiving others. Such bad men betray innocent people mercilessly and take their valuable possessions and their money shuns such men. Such behaviour is a cause of Downfall.
Disinclination to look and support one’s Parents even when one has the wherewithal.
There are those who while leading a life of luxury neglect their old, helpless Parents. Such people have the means to support their aged Parents. But they neglect their Duty. Those bad people are looked down upon by Society. Such neglect of aged Parents is a cause of Downfall.
Leading a Life of unceasing irritation.
Irritation and Anger are qualities that destroy Harmony of Life. Some people lead a life of constant resentment, fuming endlessly like a smoking fire. Anger shatters family life and friendship. Such ceaseless Anger is a cause of one’s Downfall.
Preference for the company of the depraved and the dislike of the Virtuous.
To some, the bad people are attractive. They do not take pleasure in the company of the Virtuous. While shunning those who teach righteousness, they turn to the Vicious. This is a cause for Downfall.
Constant, fruitless talkativeness
There are those who waste their time away, in futile talkativeness. They get together and jabber endlessly without engaging in any constructive activity. Such useless talk is a cause of Downfall.

Slothfulness and sleepiness. If people tend to be sleepy, slothful, lethargic and are incapable of making an effort, they are on their way to their downfall.
Disinclination either to listen to or to read the Doctrine
Some display disinclination towards the Doctrine. They do not want to listen to it. Nor do they want to read it. This habit of mind leads to one’s Downfall.
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